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Note to 700 MHz Users Downloading Version 8.5 – 8.6

30 August 2019 Eric Taylor Comments Off on Note to 700 MHz Users Downloading Version 8.5 – 8.6 Download Notice

Chenomx has updated the 700 MHz spectral library with extensive rework and testing. This new
library is different enough that we ask our clients to use care with it when updating.

We have spent many months of effort including hundreds of new spectra collected from many of the
compounds within our spectral library. 121 of those compounds have been completely reworked. We
can say with confidence that our 700 spectral models in version 11 are now much improved; the
predicted models have been replaced with laboratory tested version.

However, if you are comparing an old project with a future new one, you do have the choice of using the
old version 10 version which will be compatible with your older projects or use the new version 11
which can be different in a number of cases. Simply download the version from our web site that you
want to use for a project. A download of version 11 will overwrite version 10; downloading of version
10 later will overwrite the version 11 library.


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