Thank You!

Our Beta Testing is now on hold. Thanks for your interest.

Thanks for your interest in Chenomx NMR Suite Version 10 Beta! Please download the V10 Beta version of our software and install to your preferred Computer Terminal. Once installed, open the software and go to Help---->Software Activation. You may request a License File from this menu; or simply provide us your Activation Code (25 digit code ie: ABCDE-FGHIJ-KLMNO-PQRST) and send it back to us via email. We will respond with your 6 Week Professional License File.

Please include all relevant details including Full Name and Institution.


Chenomx Condensed Guide

Remember to download and refer to the Chenomx Condensed Guide for best practices when using Chenomx NMR Suite Version 10. And don't forget to try Complete Autofit!

Condensed Cover